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Terranova Loves Young New Talent

April 15, 2016 – In this day and age, the commercial real estate market is more competitive than ever and companies need to have a unique advantage to keep ahead of the competition. Terranova’s chairman, Stephen Bittel, and executive vice president, Mindy McIlroy understand this and are always striving to remain modern and relevant in this rapidly changing market. One way they have been able to accomplish this is by creating a training program for aspiring commercial real estate agents. The training program consists of an entry level position at Terranova working directly with the company’s EVP as well as other licensed real estate agents. Although not necessary, some background in sales and light exposure to the real estate industry is preferred. The position is a mix of on the job training, shadowing, and instruction from the EVP. Trainees will be educated on all aspects of the commercial real estate industry from top to bottom beginning with what the industry is, our company, and its mission statement.  They will then go on to learn how to structure proposals and deals, how to canvass for retailers, cold call, and finally how to close a deal and sign a lease. The agents will be guided every step of the way by McIlroy who is an extremely knowledgeable and influential force in the industry and who was recently named a Southeast Woman of Influence by The Real Estate Forum. “Stephen and I really enjoy working with and training young professionals due to their willingness and determination to do well,” says McIlroy who heads the program. “Many of our agents have gone through this program and we are extremely pleased with their success and feel confident that they are well prepared for a career in the commercial real estate industry.” What sets Terranova’s training program apart from others is the fact that we are one of the only commercial real estate brokers in South Florida that trains and pays to train its agents. Another added bonus is Terranova’s membership to the annual ICSC conference which will provide trainees with exposure to the commercial real estate network and additional exposure to Terranova’s expansive list of contacts. If you are looking to have a career in commercial real estate, we highly recommend you take advantage of Terranova’s training program and join an extremely successful team of professionals.

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