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Terranova Executive Vice President, Mindy Mcilroy, Is Miami Today’s “Newsmaker”

MIAMI TODAY – September 15, 2011 – Mindy McIlroy began her journey in real estate at Terranova Corp. 15 years ago as administrative assistant to its leader, Stephen Bittel.

Her hard work and drive revealed potential for much more and she was given the opportunity to learn the sales and leasing side, leading to her current role as executive vice president.

In this position, Ms. McIlroy focuses on marketing the company’s services, retail leasing and developing new business.

Despite the economic challenges, the company’s real estate practice continues to grow as it seeks to hire new associates.

“The immediate focus that we have is that we have to hire,” Ms. McIlroy said. “We are hiring in every department within our company, which speaks to our optimism with what’s happening with our industry.”

Terranova acquired three retail buildings on Lincoln Road this year and handles the leasing of the CocoWalk retail complex in Coconut Grove.

Most recently, it was selected to lease the retail space at the parking garages of the new Florida Marlins ballpark.

“Our role there is to lease, lease, lease. We need to get that thing full,” she said. “Our goal is to get some restaurants opened by game day, which is quickly approaching in April.”

Ms. McIlroy discussed her responsibilities, market trends and what’s ahead for Terranova with Yudislaidy Fernandez at the company’s Miami Beach headquarters.