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Not So Lonely At The Top: Why Miami Real Estate Is ‘Very Much Ahead’ On Elevating Women Leaders

BISNOW  – March 8, 2023

Women don’t rise to leadership roles by accident or coincidence — just like their lack of opportunities in most industries and cities isn’t an accident. Beth Azor and Trish Blasi, the founder of Borghese Investments, both came up at Terranova Group, where many of Miami’s female leaders have worked over the years.

Azor, the founder of Azor Advisory Services, credited Terranova Group founder Stephen Bittel as a mentor who made sure she had every opportunity to succeed.

“Why he was so amazing was anything you wanted to do, he said I’ll help you,” Azor said. “He’s the one who helped me go to a bank and co-signed a loan to help me invest in my first commercial real estate property. I wouldn’t have been in investment today without that. There was no glass ceiling for him. He ran a meritocracy.”

Blasi was Terranova’s president before leaving to found her own firm. Its president today, Mindy McIlroy, got her start at the company as an executive assistant in 1997.

“I had no plans to be involved in the real estate business, but the company president approached me and asked if I would consider transferring to a sales role in the leasing department. It seemed like a good idea at the time and has proven to be the best decision I have ever made,” she wrote in an email. “Every day I give thanks for saying ‘Yes’ to the opportunity.”