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The Launch of Tea Bars

February 24, 2014 – Coffee shops such as starbucks and dunkin donuts have become something of an obsession to americans since the 70s. Many people are unable to function at the office without at least two cups of the caffeinated drink throughout the day. Whereas others simply enjoy the taste or its natural dietary benefits. But what about the non•coffee fans that would still like a little mid-day pick-me•up? Of course theres the typical sugar loaded fountain drink, but for those looking for a healthier/natural alternative, tea is a great fiti.

Teavanna has quickly become the leader in the gourmet tea market, opening over 330 storefronts in 3 countries (thus far) since its launch in 1997. Starbucks acquired teavanna in late 2012 with some expansion ideas of their own and officially opened its doors to the first full-scale teavanna tea bar in nyc this past october. They plan to do for tea what theyve done for coffee by expanding on this concept to open at least 1,000 new tea bars within the next five-ten years. Not to be confused with teavannas already established sales•based storefronts, the bars are designed to be a relaxing, leisure environment (as opposed to starbucks on-the•go mentality) where guests are invited to truly savor the experience of tasting exotic tea flavors, while enjoying a spot on the couch or casual dining. They also serve a more upscale food menu with the priciest salad priced at $14.95 and a raspberry and apricot cream scone for $3.75.

Teavana Tea Bar

Taking inspiration from the trend popping up in new york, french entrepreneur damien ceulemans saw an opportunity to enter the flourishing south florida market with a concept all his own ticety, a gourmet tea bar which will serve a variety of organic tea, hot and cold. In addition to tea, ticety will also serve a full french style menu of pastries, sandwiches and salads, as well as introduce alcoholic beverages to its guest all of which will of course include tea at its core. Ticety is expected to open its miracle mile i coral gables location in the next couple months and will be the first of its kind in south florida.

Tea Bar