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Salon Suites

June 20, 2014 – The “salon suite” concept in the beauty industry continues to blossom. The innovative salon suite model allows professionals with differing services within the beauty field to come together under one roof to take their careers to the next level. The importance of this way of conducting business in the beauty industry is that it allows professionals, who have the talent and clientele, but not the resources of going out on their own, to take control of their work.

Not only is this concept an excellent way for independent beauty professionals to grow their business, it also serves as the ultimate networking resource. Unlike the typical salon environment, the suites provide a community where individuals rent space among other beauty professionals who have their own clientele, in turn creating a built-in networking and referral system.

Salon suites don’t just benefit beauty professionals, customers now no longer have to run around town to multiple salons for their beauty needs salon suites like salonz beauty suites and sola salon studios house a variety of hair, nail, skin and other beauty speciausts giving each client the experience of a built-in one-stop-shop, where they can pamper themselves in all that is beauty under one roof.

Pamper yourself, visit a salon suite today and experience all the services the beauty industry has to offer in one location!