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Renovations To The City Beautiful Coming in The Near Future

December 10, 2015 – With all the redevelopments going on in Miami, Coral Gables is following suit and giving some of its famous streets a well-deserved makeover. The City Beautiful has long been a picturesque city with historical charm radiating from its architecture, antique fountains, and ambiance that have been preserved to maintain its quaint allure. Even with the cities best effort to maintain the area, decades of use have worn out their once prized streets. In an effort to revitalize the sleepy city jewel a New York-based architecture and urban design company, Cooper, Robertson & Partners, has been commissioned to redevelop the area to a more picturesque representation of George Merrick’s original plans of a subtropical Mediterranean Eden. The project encompasses improvements being made to both Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue in the heart of Downtown Coral Gables. The plans for Miracle Mile’s redevelopment include changing parking spaces to parallel which will allow a widening of the sidewalks from 15 feet to about 23. This will facilitate spill out seating for restaurants on the Mile as well as outdoor displays for shops. As for Giralda, the city plans to install retractable bollards which can be raised to block traffic for special occasions or events. As a clever alternative to lampposts and their harsh lighting they plan to set up a canopy of strung lights which will appear like a starry night above visitors. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the project will also fix some long standing issues such as the cities drainage which has been a concern for some time now. Both streets will be receiving the addition of much needed greenery to give them the appearance of a long linear park. The plans will refresh the area and return the Mile to its former glory, once again driving foot traffic to the heart of the City Beautiful.

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