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Pay It Forward: “Outwork Your Competition Consistently”

ALM, by Tasha Norman – January 11, 2023

Terranova Corp. founder and chairman Stephen Bittel has dedicated his life to building his business, while promoting the livelihood of his hometown through active involvement.

Stephen Bittel, 66, founder and chairman of Terranova Corp. in Miami Beach, FL. Stephen Bittel is a fixture in both the real estate industry and the community of Miami, FL. With deep roots in the southern coastal city, Bittel has dedicated his life towards not only building his business to be one of the top commercial real estate firms in South Florida (for which in 2005 he was awarded the South Florida Business Journal “Ultimate CEO” award), but also promoting the livelihood of his hometown through his active involvement in it.

Area of expertise or focus: Commercial real estate and private equity investments/capital markets.

How have you overcome obstacles in your industry? The best way to overcome any obstacle in this industry is to build a team with a shared commitment to excellence and a joint belief in consistent hard work.

What about your current role at the company are you most happy with?  I am very proud of the senior leadership team we have built over the years. Everyone is well aligned, enabling us to achieve the best results possible in a constantly shifting and challenging market.

What is the best piece of advice you have received that has helped you succeed in your industry, and do you have any advice specifically for the next generation?  A common misconception — but balance is not a lifestyle. It is something that happens in a bank account after a lot of hard work. My advice is to outwork your competition consistently so you can outperform them again and again.