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Miami CEO thrives despite Parkinson’s diagnosis as new research promises faster detection.

NBC 6 South Florida, by Loena Inclan – June 6th, 2023

“I live a very full and wonderful life. I still come to work every single day, I work as much as I used to work before,” Mindy McIlroy said.

She runs one of South Florida’s top commercial real estate firms with an investment portfolio of nearly $1 billion.

As if that wasn’t challenging enough, Mindy McIlroy does it all while also battling a disease that’s on the rise.

When you walk into Terranova’s offices in Coral Gables, you can’t help but notice the row of plaques on the wall.

Each one notes major acquisitions in the commercial real estate market, making Terranova the largest property owner on the iconic streets of Miracle Mile and Lincoln Road.

The driving force behind all that success is the company’s president, Mindy.

“The people portion of the job is really, really great,” she said. “I also like meeting with entrepreneurs who are wanting to invest their life savings in a concept and how excited they are about it and particularly how excited they get when it works.”

Mindy has been called a visionary in her industry thanks to her eye for spotting innovative trends — but back in 2014, she received news that changed her life.