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Stephen Bittel

Inside Out – Terranova Proves Building Communities Truly Begins at Home

February 19, 2018 — TERRANOVA TRENDS — BY ANDREA SPEEDY As the South Florida real estate landscape continues to grow and change at a breakneck pace. Terranova has remained committed to their roots. During this current development cycle, and all other before it, Terranova has stayed connected to South Florida neighborhoods and beyond by remembering it is those who actually live and work here that make up any community.

“At Terranova, we’re driven by what our communities really need and how we can make a positive impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. Whenever we can, we work that into our leasing efforts and development projects, but more importantly, we encourage every member of our team to be active and involved in their communities,” says Terranova Chairman, Stephen Bittel. With so many out-of-state and foreign teams competing for their places on the skyline, the South-Florida-based company’s mindset is unique. It also explains how the now 35-year-old firm has maintained a solid presence throughout the area’s numerous market transitions. “We’re a part of the fabric of this community,” says Bittel. “We’re in it for the long haul. Quite simply, this place means something to all of us on a personal level, which means we’re in this business to see things through.”


Spotlight: A Lincoln Legend 10 Years of Maya Tapas & Grill

February 12, 2018 — TERRANOVA TRENDS — BY ANDREA SPEEDY In Miami’s ever-changing restaurant scene, the competition is fierce for the hottest locations in town. Even spots that open to huge crowds and critical acclaim are often gone not long after the spotlight moves on to the “next new thing.” That makes it all the more impressive that locally owned, family-operated Maya Tapas & Grill has continued to succeed year after year on Lincoln Road, one of the city’s most sought-after real estate destinations. Their owners, Rolando and Marsha of the Maya family explain their secret.


Destination: Food Creating the Lincoln Eatery Experience

February 5, 2018 — TERRANOVA TRENDS — BY ANDREA SPEEDY “Nearly every major retail destination has had a diverse dining element as an anchor to the experience,” says Josh Gelfman, Director of Development for Terranova Corp. “The same is true worldwide – from one end of the globe to the other – and for decades running.” Gelfman’s insights help shed light on the real estate and management company’s recent addition to the South Beach market – The Lincoln Eatery. Inspired by such famous international food halls as Harrods in London, BoulangEpicer (BE) in Paris, and Bouqeria in Barcelona, as well as more domestic hot spots like Seattle’s Pike Place Market or San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmers Market – The Lincoln Eatery is an evolutionary leap forward for Miami.

“South Florida is very familiar with the concept of a Food Court,” Gelfman continues, “but an eatery or food hall is a new idea.” As the region continues to  move away from the traditional shopping mall concept with ever-expanding high-street retail locations and more connected, pedestrian-driven retail developments, the humble food court has struggled to keep pace with current consumer behavior. This does not mean, however, that there has been a decline in consumer desire for casual, accessible dining options. On and around Lincoln Road the current culinary landscape is mostly made up of full-service restaurants, leaving an opportunity for fast-casual dining options and prices that are affordable on a daily basis by the working, residential, and tourist populations of the area.