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As Terranova Turns 40, Founder Stephen Bittel Reflects On Florida’s Commercial Real Estate Development

SOUTH FLORIDA REPORTER — JULY 3, 2020 — BY GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Across thriving cities, pockets of hyper-local communities exist, ebbing and flowing with their bespoke local economies, trends, job markets, and living spaces. With growing interest from potential residents and businesses alike, their growing neighborhood prosperity attracts the development of commercial space, public-use infrastructure, and community enriching lifestyle enhancements.

In South Florida, commercial real estate development has been spearheaded by Stephen Bittel, and his vehicle, Terranova Corporation.

On the precipice of Terranova’s 40th anniversary in August 2020, Bittel looks back on the incredible journey of building a commercial real estate juggernaut, evolving and modernizing Southern Florida’s local communities, and the future of commercial real estate.